Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note, to say Merry Christmas!


The pattern “Interweave” can be found in Georgia Bonesteel’s Bright Ideas book.

If you do buy the book to make this pattern, you may want to know I used 21″ squares  where she uses 25″ because 21″ cuts nicer with less waste or at least leaves a more usable size of  left overs. [Her way leaves aprox. 17″  leftover after cutting the 25″ vs My way which leaves 21″ left over which I used, so it’s not a leftover] I also used 2 1/2″ strips because I have a tool for those [when you have an awesome  hammer, everything looks like a nail], and those left overs are also more usable. With 3 borders of  2 1/2″ strips, mine came out to 61 1/2″ square before washing.

I had been ill since Thanksgiving, plus worked a bunch of overtime, so everything got delayed.

but Sunbonnet Sue is finally home!


Of course I made a complicated border!


and my tablet died, so I had to get a new one. I haven’t worked out the bugs to accurately show the colors.


I used 2 layers of 100% cotton batting with a 30’s print flannel backing


and quilted around all the diamonds in the border.

I feel better now, and would love to wish you all the best holiday ever.

Hug your loved ones!