. . . . When you have a fat little project stuffed under your needle.

I was making an insulated Hot Dish container, and had to literally open the head cover of my machine to lift the foot up high enough to stuff this under it. and then it happened. The bobbin thread ran out. What to do?  The hot dish was in the oven, and I had to leave in an hour!


Plus, I had red thread in the machine I was using.

Oh sure I have two spool holders, but I have been using Missouri Star 50 wt cotton thread in the little cone style spools, and two of these don’t fit at the same time. Technically one shouldn’t fit the way I’m doing it, but it works, and I like to  leave stuff alone if it’s working, so . . .

Looking around and thinking fast . . .

I see some white thread, right over there . . . .


and it’s already loaded and ready to go


Let me just give Victor a scoot, and we’ve made the distance!


That is how to rewind a bobbin without stopping to unthread the machine.

Now, really I should just buy more bobbins so I can fill about 5 or 6 at a time, like I do for my Featherweight, but every time I shop for them, pretty fabric jumps in my cart, and before I know it, my wallet is empty.

I’m nothing if not resourceful.

By the way, dinner was delish! [and arrived hot after the 40 minute trip]

#BuyMoreBobbins #BeCreative

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